Sleigh Rota 2019

Wednesday 4th Dec - Langar, Barnston, Granby

Thursday 5th Dec - Stathern, and Harby

Friday 6th Dec - Bingham - Millhill Road, Charnock Gardens & the “Wildflower”Estate + Pubs and Paul's in Bottesford

Saturday 7th Dec - Bingham to include Starnhill way, Chapelfield Grove,Southfield Road, Tithby Road, Langer Road,Spinney Road, Charworth Road, Musters Road, Porchester Road, Swale Grove, Frome Road & Welland Gardens  + Pubs and Paul's in Bottesford

Sunday 8th Dec - Bingham 'Bird and Tree' Estates

Monday 9th Dec - Reserve

Tuesday 10th Dec - Reserve

Wednesday 11th Dec - Redmile, Barkston and Plungar

Thursday 12th - Reserve

Friday 13th - Bottesford West, Pubs and Paul's

Saturday 14th - Bottesford Central, Normanton, Pubs and Paul's

Sunday 15th - Bottesford East, Easthorpe, Muston, Pubs and Paul's

Monday 16th - Reserve

Tuesday 17th - Orston, Aslockton, Aslakr estate

Wednesday 18th - Whatton, Prison Estate, Elton

Thursday 19th - Bingham (Romans Quarter) Cabourn Drive, Harris Road,Cowell Grove, Dunsmore Ave, Henshaw Ave, Wilford Ave, Widnall Drive, Hind Close, Squires Grove, Kettleband Close & Thorton Mews